We are looking for four interns to help with e-commerce and online marketing throughout Europe. Are you looking for an internship? Then read on!

We are looking for four interns to handle exciting tasks within e-commerce and marketing for our webshops in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Austria. 

Educational background

It is not your education that matters the most. We imagine that you could be a student in one of the following programs:

  • AP Degree in Marketing Management
  • AP Degree in Multimedia design
  • PBA in e-commerce
  • PBA International Sales and Marketing

The most important thing is that you have a great passion for e-commerce!

It could also be a possibility that you are studying sports management, innovation, entrepreneurship, web development, or something completely different. As long as your education can be combined with an internship with us, we can find some exciting solutions and work assignments together.

About us » Ambitious webshop in Hillerød

Our office and warehouse are placed at karlebovej 59, 3400 Hillerød. Here we run seven webshops, which sell fitness equipment, fitness clothing, supplements, etc.:

We are around 30 people in our organisation, which is a good mix of warehouse and office employees. Your daily life will take place in the office in collaboration with our dedicated marketing team.

Expected work tasks

We have many ​​work tasks that we can adapt to your education and your competencies within online marketing.

We can use a helping hand for everything within optimizing webshops, SEO, SoMe, Ads, YouTube, and much more.

We imagine that you will help with some of the following:

  • Writing products/collection texts and blog posts
  • Creating graphic content such as images and videos
  • Translations and ad hoc assignments
  • Structuring and executing current marketing strategies

Exciting projects and possibilities are continuously occurring. The sky is the limit.

Our expectations

We do not expect you to be an expert in any of the above areas. On the other hand, we expect you to be willing to learn and teach. 

All our primary sales are made through our webshops. However, the customer journey on the Internet is very complex, and there are many touchpoints before the sales channels that require very different approaches and therefore also competencies.

Are you curious about how a successful brand is built? Do you want to dive into the details of e-commerce? Then you have met our expectations for applying.

What you can expect from us:

You can expect a humble workplace in rapid development where it is nice to be. We all come to work to give our best. We provide the necessary software and hardware so that together we can create the best settings for success.

Before a contract is made, a clear expectations alignment is made from both parties, so that we have common goals to achieve.


Do you have any questions, or does the workplace sound like a good match for you? Do not hesitate to contact our E-commerce Manager, Michael Kirkegaard Clausen.

Send your application to Michael on mc@billig-fitness.dk or give him a call at +45 30 74 75 39

We are looking forward to hearing from you!